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iPhoneography – Bauddhanath Stupa / Kathmandu, Nepal

 #‎Withoutfilter : Life goes on in Kathmandu. And The too!! This morning the students from the “Srongtsen Bhrikuti Boarding Hight School” have been working hard to know the cameras they will use. Tomorrow lesson 2: The bubble Project begin! Tired, but Happy!! :) I will try to post some picture to the blog tomorrow!!! And remember, please!!! Share that with friends. We need money to do the workshops in Laos!! —————–————– Heu vist com va el verkami? i el nou repte i les noves recompenses? Aporta al projecte! – ¿Habéis visto cómo va el verkami? ¿y el nuevo reto y las nuevas recompensas? ¡Aporta al proyecto! – Have you seen how is going the Verkami? and the new challenges and new rewards? Make a pledge!
Junts, podem portar els tallers a Laos!
Together, we can bring  the workshops to Laos!
¡Juntos, podemos llevar los talleres a Laos


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