#iPhoneography #‎Withoutfilter: Santiago de Chile: Kids eating likes?

#iPhoneography #‎Withoutfilter :
Today in Santiago de Chile, I have seen this: Kids eating likes. What to do so that people leave their armchair and move their ass to make a better world and really help other people?
#SantiagodeChile #Iphoneonly #nofilter #igers #love #Chile @NGObeartsy #inlove

If you want, you can:
1- Help to finance the project! At the moment you can:
– You can buy at the online store: http://ift.tt/25wLdhd
– You can volunteer to work online as a translator or helping on the web (wordpress): http://ift.tt/2cJbY1f
– You can help the chhaupadi project with donating with Paypal to buy menstrual cups and sanitary materials for Nepal: http://ift.tt/2cJbY1f

2 – Take a look of the workshops I shared in #India, #Nepal #Myanmar, #Argentina and #Thailand here: http://ift.tt/1qVrOHU
3 – Now #Chile, next Nepal again.
www.beartsy.org http://ift.tt/2gXcR34

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